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                                                                          Buffalo and New Hampshire did not get much hitting although Thomas Hatch and Adam Kloffenstein did OK. Vancouver split a pair with Ricky Tiedemann leading the way for their win. Dunedin had all the hits with two hitters getting four hits each. The FCL Jays scored some runs but not enough.
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                                                                          New York is waiting for you and me, baby
                                                                          Waiting to swallow us down
                                                                          New York, we're coming to see what you're made of
                                                                          Are you as great as you sound

                                                                          Something wicked this way comes.
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                                                                          Buffalo won a tight one to maintain their first place in the division. The FCL Jays racked up 17 hits in their win. Yosver Zulueta was poor, again, as Vancouver lost. New Hampshire and Dunedin also lost.
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                                                                          Buffalo and Vancouver were in the winners circle Wednesday. New Hampshire dropped both games of a doubleheader and Dunedin were walked off.
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                                                                           Buffalo won. New Hampshire, Vancouver and Dunedin did the opposite.
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                                                                          I'm going back on that same train
                                                                          that brought me here before
                                                                          While my baby walks the streets of Baltimore

                                                                          We haven't seen this bunch yet. How are they doing, anyway?
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                                                                          Buffalo led 2-1 in the eighth and lost. New Hampshire led 3-1 in the fifth and 4-3 in the seventh and lost. Dunedin led 1-0 in the sixth and lost. Vancouver were rained out.
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                                                                          Zac Cook came to the plate in the eighth inning with New Hampshire losing. Cook took a 3-0 pitch deep to turn a one run deficit into a two run lead. That was good for the win. Buffalo won with Thomas Hatch dominating. Damiano Palmegiani almost cycled as Dunedin won. Vancouver lost two.
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                                                                          Evert team picked up a win, except Dunedin. The FCL Jays won two. Pitching was the bright spot of the night. Casey Lawrence, Hayden Juenger, Nick Fraze, Ricky Tiedemann all had good appearances. The exception was Dahian Santos who had a bump on his way to a promotion. Some lesser ranked hitters had good nights. John Aiello, Spencer Horwitz, Miguel Hiraldo, Yhoangel Aponte and Tyler Keenan had multi hit games.
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                                                                          Fee fee
                                                                          Fie fie
                                                                          Fo fo fum

                                                                          Strange stuff is going on in the Motor City, I tell ya.
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                                                                          New Hampshire, Vancouver and Dunedin racked up double digits in hits. New Hampshire and Dunedin won but Vancouver lost as Yosver Zulueta hit a speed bump. Buffalo could not find their bats.
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                                                                          Yeah, this is months late, but many lists didn't come out until very late, then I held off due to games every day. With a day off I finally put this together.
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                                                                          The affiliates won just one of six Wednesday.
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                                                                          Vancouver won. Dunedin lost. Buffalo's game against Worcester and New Hampshire's game in Binghamton were rained out. They will play two today.
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                                                                          I might take a train
                                                                          I might take a plane
                                                                          But if I have to walk
                                                                          I'm going just the same

                                                                          You know why? It's the thought of hitting against this pitching staff. That's quite the temptation, one difficult to resist, and of course the only way to get rid of a temptation is to give in to it.

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